Internet and information systems

At the present stage of development of economy and information technologies two interconnected phenomena are clearly visible: this creation and gradual development of effective instruments of the exchange of information necessary for development of business and, during too time, passive use of similar tools by representatives of the Russian business. Lack of possibility to receive and place industrial information, and also to exchange it generates loss of resources on intermediaries, growth of transaktsionny costs and decrease in speed and efficiency of trade. Thus, the similar situation disturbs development of the separate industrial enterprises, branches and economy of Russia as a whole. The problem of decrease in transaktsionny costs on exchange of information always disturbed businessmen for this reason there were exchanges, the specialized trading unions, associations, committees, thematic printing editions, means of mass advertizing actively developed. But the real break was made in the mid-nineties the 20th centuries – the Internet created in 1979 reached such level of development that it needed to be used in the business purposes. The Internet represents at present the most global, the most open and most technically provided way of representation, receiving and exchange of information in the world. Possibility of granting a large quantity of information, easy access to this information, relative low cost give the grounds to assume further distribution of the Internet in the various purposes, including in business. Russia on this way it is necessary not only to join a world network, but also to overcome conservatism and the mistrust of businessmen caused by the contents and structure of the Russian-speaking Internet. Many elements of the electronic market are at an origin stage. Information search is complicated, information is doubtful and irrelevant, trust level between partners is minimum, there is no developed system of payment of the goods and services, the volume of data is limited, systems of interaction of partners on the Internet are not developed. To adopt the western models of business on the Internet it appeared insufficient, their serious transformation, and also development of own methods and instruments of work was required. In aspiration to achievement of level of the developed countries, Russia copied a set of elements of their economic, political and public life without need of their adaptation to historical conditions of development. Respectively together with the Internet the recommended instruments of electronic commerce were brought in the Russian business well themselves. One of such highly effective information systems is the portal “the Industrial Show-window of Russia”. She really in practice solves problems of sale of an industrial output on the Internet and has enormous, not used potential of development. Idea of the project – coordination of information on the industrial enterprises, about production of the goods and the equipment, open tenders, innovations, events in the industry on one platform equipped with interactive means of online trade and interaction of users.

Association of all producers of the country in global system in itself gives huge return in a look

reductions of time for search of the necessary information on various trading platforms (it is additional costs of selection of websites, registration, acquaintance with rules, system studying)
simplification and interaction acceleration between trading partners
increase of level of trust, decrease in monetary expenses for information services etc.

Today the main objective – to draw attention of big and medium business to new possibilities and prospects of development which open for the companies when using in Internet trade, to introduce developed information systems in commercial activity of all industrial enterprises of the region. Finally our project is urged to unite in global system of all producers of Russia, and only the highest effect from its introduction then will be gained. In turn, efficiency of development of the industry and trade as a whole is defined by level and quality of information technologies and speed of data exchange.

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