Ventilated facades

he system of hinged ventilated facades in Russia began to be used relatively recently, but in some countries (for example, in Finland, Germany) it is used more than 30 years. In Russia until recently processing by their decorative plaster layer, as a rule, thin (so-called, «wet front systems») was the most widespread type of furnish of facades. But now the most perspective technology of furnish is the system of hinged ventilated facades with an air gap. Scope of these designs rather wide. They are applied to construction and reconstruction of residential, office, public and industrial buildings.

Designs of hinged ventilated facades allow to solve effectively energy saving problems, and existence of a large number of materials of various color and the invoice, used for performance of an external finishing layer, allows to increase architectural advantages of buildings considerably.

Hinged ventilated facades have high operational properties. They are steady against changes of temperature in a wide range, have possibility to absorb the thermal deformations arising at daily and seasonal differences of temperatures that allows to avoid internal tension in materials of facing and a bearing design, and, as a result, excludes possibility of emergence of cracks and facing destruction.

Also doubtless advantage of ventilated facades is that the thermal insulation in this design is located outside. First, it protects walls from alternate freezing and thawing. Secondly, thanks to it, temperature fluctuations of the massif of a wall that interferes with emergence of a various type of deformations are leveled. And, thirdly, the thermal insulation increases heatheat-sink ability of the massif of a wall. And it leads to that at shutdown of a source of a heat supply the wall will cool down several times more slowly, than at an internal arrangement of a layer of a thermal insulation.

Basic difference of ventilated facades from other types of facing is existence of an air gap. Thanks to pressure difference, internal moisture freely is removed in environment. As in a ventilated air gap the temperature is slightly higher, than outside, heatlosses during the heating period decrease.
The external screen possesses certain functions: it protects the layer of a thermal insulation located behind it from atmospheric influences, and reflects a considerable part of sunshine falling on it that prevents building overheating in the summer.

One more distinctive feature of hinged ventilated facades is that at installation of these designs “wet” processes are not used that allows to spend front works at any time years.

Advantages of ventilated facades:
– they allow to give to a building a fine look, thanks to a wide color palette of a finishing material.
– possibilities of an unlimited formoobrazovaniye of facades from composit materials of the type Alucobond, Alpolic, Reynobond allow to turn the most courageous and unexpected projects of architects into life.
hinged ventilated facades, possess an excellent heat-shielding: the wall is protected from variable freezing and thawing, its temperature fluctuations that interferes with emergence of deformations are leveled.
– the aluminum profile used in system of fixture, does not give in to corrosion and maintains rather wide range of fluctuations of temperature, has possibility to absorb the thermal deformations arising at daily and seasonal differences of temperatures, so, appearance of a building will not depend on weather changing.
– the aluminum used in systems of hinged ventilated facades, is absolutely non-polluting, does not pollute environment and is not injurious to your health, and presently it is the important fact.
– aluminum profiles possess at the same time durability and sufficient ease that facilitates both design, and building installation.
– hinged ventilated facades essentially increase durability of a building as a whole as they are steady against a promerzaniye and a promokaniye – to two major factors influencing aging of a building.
the heater used in systems of hinged ventilated facades, allows water vapor from a room freely to get to an air layer, preventing education and a congestion on designs of condensate destroying them.
– for ensuring fire safety in designs the materials being fireproof or trudnosgorayemy are used.

The company “Alyuk” makes ventilated facades since December 2003года. The company developed system алюминиевoй podkonstruktsiya for ventilated facades from a ceramic granite with special way of fastening of plates and system for ventilated facades with the facing screen from composit aluminum materials which were realized on objects of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Kemerovo, Kaluga, Anapa and other cities of Russia.

Specialists of the company advise the construction organizations concerning a choice of a facing material (a ceramic granite, composit panels) and ways of its installation, and also perform works on design of front designs, preparation and delivery of a complex of necessary materials.

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