COUNTRY PARADISE – the cottage settlement

Unfortunately, native Avtodor does not keep up with rapid development of country housing construction. And it is necessary to reach the vast majority of cozy nests at the best with speed of 40 kilometers per hour because of an abundance of potholes, and in the worst… However, sad these reflections have no the slightest relation to the settlement “Cedars” – the entrance to it is ideal: from MKAD of 24 kilometers across New Riga and 600 meters on the excellent asphalt road. Moreover, the head to break, what reference points to choose, that guests understood, where and how to go, it is not necessary – everything simply, clearly, available. The road and will not disappoint in the settlement. Its width – about 15 meters together with sidewalks, in other words, a cloth makes not less than eight. In practice it turns around continuous pleasure – nobody should huddle in modest “pocket” waiting when there will pass the counter car. Quality of a covering also deserves a kind word – it is possible to reach quickly the settlement with a breeze and on a sports car with a small road clearance what to speak about the solid SUV. By the way, the proximity to the brisk city highway of future residents will not disturb – the settlement settles down on a height and on perimeter is surrounded with trees so noise are completely extinguished – May roulades of a nightingale will be quite distinguishable and recognizable… Trees – one more unprecedented step of management company, about them are slightly lower… In the WOOD the FIR-TREE Well, of course, not in the wood, and not a fir-tree at all, and in a taiga, and noble cedars was BORN. They also arrived to render habitable open spaces situated near Moscow. Actually, their presence in the settlement territory in improbable quantity – more than 3000 trees on the area of 12 hectares – allowed to call them a name the settlement. This step – mass disembarkation so exotic for Moscow area of the Siberian cedar – is unprecedented and gives to the settlement the status of a unique place for several objective reasons. First, rather European approach was applied at landscape creation: not simply all rejoice that the place such good, and amicably is used by its reserves before complete “withering” of the last, and purposefully IMPROVE available, caring of preservation экобаланса. Secondly, these trees are champions on a produtsirovaniye medical фитонцидов that will surely positively be displayed on a microclimate and composition of air in the settlement. And, thirdly, the quantity of labor costs on creation of a small slice of a taiga record-breaking that testifies to careful care of environmental friendliness of the district. UNDER the ROOF of YOUR HOUSE the Story about actually houses should be begun with figures. In total in “Cedars” construction of 50 cottages is planned. Construction began in May of the current year, about a half of houses is at present constructed. In the IV quarter 2005 building will be finished. It is necessary to call important line of this project that buyers do not invest construction. It means that the Taungeyts company pays all works independently, and sells already completely a finished product. Therefore, it a priori excludes development of the protracted construction which so unpleasant for is already becoming populated people. By the way, in the contract which is made out at acquisition of a cottage, there is one interesting point, allow which to itself any management company can not. The essence it is reduced to that the Taungeyts company guarantees any absence of subquality work, as a rule, getting out on light white at operation. I think, it is not necessary to pay much attention to transfer of technical characteristics of the house, I will notice only that construction is conducted by the Russian-Yugoslavian PSP Farman firm, already many years being the guarantor of excellent quality and observance of technology of construction. As construction construction brick on the monolithic reinforced base. Naturally, there are all communications, and the sewerage will be watched by regional clearing station, and any septic tanks! The COMFORT PRICE the Main idea which founders of the settlement “Cedars” aspired to realize, is ideally balanced on infrastructure and quality of construction the object thus possessing competitive price, favourably distinguishing it in the market. Task almost impracticable, but… After the careful analysis it was decided to manage a sufficient set of service structures. The logic of such approach is simple – the infrastructure should be demanded by inhabitants of the settlement. If it does not occur, inhabitants should pay for its contents in addition. Therefore in “Cedars” there is a cafe bar with a game hall, shop, a first-aid post, a zone for rest and sports activities – generally, all necessary for convenience of accommodation. The most objective assessment to founders of the worthy settlement will be delivered by time. For now “Cedars” under construction rustle with kroner of noble trees. Every year all will rise above the trees landed here, and together with them the prices for this earth will grow, reminding that the successful future is created today – the successful companies.

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