Internet and information systems

At the present stage of development of economy and information technologies two interconnected phenomena are clearly visible: this creation and gradual development of effective instruments of the exchange of information necessary for development of business and, during too time, passive use of similar tools by representatives of the Russian business. Lack of possibility to receive […]

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Ventilated facades

he system of hinged ventilated facades in Russia began to be used relatively recently, but in some countries (for example, in Finland, Germany) it is used more than 30 years. In Russia until recently processing by their decorative plaster layer, as a rule, thin (so-called, «wet front systems») was the most widespread type of furnish […]

COUNTRY PARADISE – the cottage settlement

Unfortunately, native Avtodor does not keep up with rapid development of country housing construction. And it is necessary to reach the vast majority of cozy nests at the best with speed of 40 kilometers per hour because of an abundance of potholes, and in the worst… However, sad these reflections have no the slightest relation […]